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Sea Foam SF 16 Motor Treatment for Small Engine Treatment, 16 Ounces

Sea Foam motor treatment for small engines, cleans injectors, cleans carb jets, stabilizes fuel, controls moisture in fuel, quiets noisy lifters, cleans deposits, adds lubricity to fuel, lubes upper cylinders, de-Ice and anti-gel. Listing is for one 16 ounce can.+ Works and Performs Instantly. Stabilizes fuel. Cleans carburetor. Cleans carbon. Removes moisture. Assures fast starts. Frees sticky rings. Restores power. Upper cylinder lube. Smooths rough idle. How to use Sea Foam in fuel Benefits Helps your entire fuel system run smoother & last longer Cleans fuel injectors & carburetor passageways Cleans intake valves & chamber deposits Lubricates upper cylinders Safe for all gasoline & diesel engines Directions For regular fuel system maintenance, add 1 ounce per gallon. For cleaning, use 2 or more ounces per gallon – the more you add to fuel, the better it cleans! Add when the tank is low to maximize cleaning concentration. For injector cleaning machines, use 50/50 mixed with gas. Use 100% Sea Foam for diesel injector cleaning machines or when priming diesel fuel filters. For 2-stroke pre-mix, add 2 ounces per gallon. When stabilizing fuel for storage, use 1 (one) ounce per gallon of fuel. Sea Foam works to stabilize stored fuel up to 2 years. Treatment Recommendations For cars and trucks driven regularly: add to fuel every 3,000 miles. Small engines: add whenever you refuel. For engine equipment used regularly, add Sea Foam to a fresh tank fill every 3 months or sooner. For all other engines and fuel tanks (not used regularly): Add Sea Foam to every tank of fuel. Summary For cleaning a gasoline or diesel fuel system, it’s safe to add more Sea Foam to fuel. In fact, the more Sea Foam you add to fuel, the better it cleans! Pour Sea Foam in your fuel tank to clean and lubricate your entire fuel system. It works through fuel injectors and carburetors to remove harmful residues and deposits from fuel

Sea Foam SF 16 Motor Treatment for Small Engine Treatment, 16 Ounces

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