Replacement King Kutter Finish Mower Spindle Code 502303

This listing is for one replacement King Kutter Finish Mower Blade Spindle, code 502303 which includes the pulley and blade mounting bolt and washer. Fits all RFM-48, RFM-60, RFM-72 mowers that use a single drive belt. Does not include the three mounting bolts and nuts. Easy to change replacement spindle. Can be used on dual belt mower by simply removing the single pulley and using your old double pulley. The spindle unit is the same, just the pulleys are different. We also sell bearing and seal kits in our eBay store to rebuilt your blade spindles.

NOTE This spindle comes with a 4-1/4" single belt pulley which is the standard replacement for all single belt King Kutter Finish mowers. Early models had a 4-3/4" blade pulley and complete spindles with that pulley are no longer available. King Kutter has said the 4-1/4' pulley will work just fine as a replacement and that all new mowers have the 4-1/4"pulley on them. No need to change the belt or idler pulleys, they feel there is enough adjustment in the tensioning system of the mower to accommodate the use of the smaller pulley. All three can be replaced with the 4-1/4" pulley with no problems. As an additional benefit the blade tip speed is increased by using the smaller pulley providing improved cutting, so if you have a early model with 4-3/4" pulleys this is the correct replacement for your mower!

 Fits most Standard and Professional Models!

Spindle Features:

  • Top Mount Grease Fitting
  • Single Belt Pulley Included
  • Precision High Speed Ball Bearings
  • Shielded Grease Seals
  • Blade Mounting Bolt and Washer are included
  • 3 Bolt Mounting (Bolts not included)
  • Easy to remove and install

Replacement King Kutter Finish Mower Spindle Code 502303

SKU: 502303
  • Replaces Part Numbers: 502303, Will also replace 502300 which had the 4-3/4" pulley, 164090 idler pulley and 167133 drive belt