Replacement John Deere Rotary Cutter Gearbox Fits RC1060, RC1072, RC2060, RC2072

Replacement Rotary Cutter gearbox, 65hp rated, 1-3/8" smooth input shaft with 1/2" shear bolt hole and circlip groove, 1.57" X 12 tapered spline output shaft and 1:1.47 speed up ratio. These are new old stock gearboxes used on John Deere's  Frontier Line Rotary Cutters Models RC1060, RC1072 and RC2060, RC2072. Featuring a 1-3/8" diameter smooth input shaft with a 1/2" shear bolt hole and a front circlip groove to lock the PTO onto the shaft, and a 12 spline 1.57" diameter output shaft with a new flanged castle nut. These are a 1:1.47 Speed up ratio gearbox typically used on 60" and large cut machines. These gearboxes have been sitting is a warehouse for several years and have some dust, minor discoloration of the shafts and a few scratches but are otherwise new never installed gearboxes. John Deere's current price on this gearbox is near $400.00 plus shipping, buy now and save big!

These gearboxes can be used on many brands and models of machines. They share a similar mounting pattern and dimensions to the common 40hp gearbox just in a heavier package.

**Please note this gearbox is shipped dry and will require 16 ounces of 80 weight gear oil or heavier!*****

Gearbox Specifications:

  • 1:1.47 Speed up ratio
  • 1-3/8" Diameter smooth input shaft with 1/2" shear bolt hole and circlip groove
  • 1.57" Diameter output shaft with 12 tapered splines
  • Mounting holes 4-3/4" on center adjacent hole to adjacent hole and 6-3/4" on diagonal
  • 6-7/16" from Bottom of mounting flange to center line of input shaft
  • 6-15/16" from center of gearbox to end of input shaft
  • High speed precision ball bearings

Replacement John Deere Rotary Cutter Gea