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Replacement Hardee Finish Mower Gearbox Code 15340 1:2.83 Ratio

Replacement  Hardee finish mower gearbox,  1-3/8"  diameter input shaft with 6 Splines, 1-1/4" diameter output shaft with 1/4" key slot, featuring a 1:2.83 speed up ratio which matches the OEM gearbox. These are new not rebuilt gearboxes used on Hardee finish mowers. Why pay Hardee's close to $300.00 price plus shipping when you can replace it with this new OEM gearbox for considerably less! Repeat this is a OEM Hardee gearbox

If your mower has the 1:2.5 speed up ratio we have that gearbox listed in out eBay store, if you are not sure which gearbox you need please contact us and we will help you select the correct replacement for your mower!


**Please note this gearbox is shipped dry please fill with SAE 80-90 or heavier gear lube before using!*****

Gearbox Specifications:

  • 1:2.8 Speed up ratio
  • 1-3/8" Diameter input shaft with 6 spines (Std. 540)
  • 1-1/4" Diameter output shaft with 1/4 key slot
  • Mounting holes 4-3/4" on center adjacent hole to adjacent hole and 6-3/4" on diagonal
  • High speed precision ball bearings on input shaft and output shaft
  • Flanged Castle Nut and Cotter Pin Included!

Replacement Hardee Finish Mower Gearbox Code 15340 1:2.83 Ratio

SKU: 15340



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