Replacement Gearbox for King Kutter code 184005

Update your King Kutter mower with this updated vented Replacement Rotary Cutter gearbox, 40hp rated, 1-3/8" smooth input shaft with 1/2" shear bolt hole and circlip groove (circlip included), 1.57" X 12 tapered spline output shaft and 1:1.47 speed up ratio for King Kutter cutters. These gearboxes have a square housing configuration and are identical in mounting and ratio to the round configuration gearboxes. These gearboxes have been used by WAC, HawkLine, Behlen, International Machinery, Tarter Gate, Midwest Mfg, Servis Rhino, Frontier, Taylor Pittsburg and many more. If your gearbox has a 12 spline output shaft and a 1-3/8" smooth input shaft with a shear bolt hole and a snap ring groove this gearbox will work. Bolt pattern is 4-3/4" on center hole to hole and 6-3/4" center to center of bolt hole on diagonal. The mounting holes form a square bolt pattern. Replacement send my have a square, round or five sided housing, all specifications are the same!


*****Please note this gearbox is shipped dry and will require 16 ounces of 80 weight gear oi