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Replacement Gearbox for International Super 8 & Super 10 Rotary Cutters

Replacement OEM Rotary Cutter gearbox for WAC "The International Line" Super 8 and Super 10 rotary cutters with 20 spline input shaft gearboxes.  These gearboxes will have a square housing with 4 bolt mounting with a 1:1.46 speed up gear ratio and mounting holes 8" on center, a 1-3/4" X 20 spline input shaft and a 1.97" X 15 tapered spline output shaft. The center line of the input shaft is 7-1/4" above the bottom of the gearbox mounting flange. There is a gearbox mounting bolt hole directly under the input shaft and each hole is 90 degrees apart. The gear ratio of these gearboxes correctly match the original boxes on your mower. This is a heavy gearbox weighing in at 95 lbs.


If using this gearbox on a Super 11 Rotary Cutter please make sure your old gearbox has the 1-3/4" X 20 spline input shaft, some units were equipped with a 1-3/8" X 6spline input shaft and these gearboxes will not work without modification.


Early Super 8 Rotary Cutters used several different gearboxes including this box and two smaller gearboxes, both of which had 6 spline input shafts. If you arenote sure if this is the right gearbox for your mower please contact us and let us help you select the correct one.

*****Please note this gearbox is shipped dry and will require filling with gear lube before using!*****

Replacement Gearbox for International Super 8 & Super 10 Rotary Cutters

SKU: 01-034



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