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22" Cooking Disc Blade Discada High Heat Cooking Skillet, Disc BBQ, Cowboy Wok

This listing is for one Authentic 22" diameter Cooking Plow Discada, Cowboy Wok, BBQ Disc Blade. Makes a great present for the hard to buy for man or woman.

One of the hottest new cooking trends is cooking with one of these Discada Plow Disc Cookers over an open fire or on top of your turkey deep fryer burner or on your charcoal grill!

These Discada's have been used for years to serve up some fantastic meals, they are heavy duty weighing in at 19 lbs and can withstand high cooking temperatures. Great for cooking your outdoor breakfast, a fajita lunch, deep frying, stews and more. The large 22" diameter cooking surface has plenty of room to cook for a group.

This Discada is made from new Brazilian disc blade blanks with welded wire handles. They are coated with vegetable oil and as with most cookware of this type they will need to be cleaned and seasoned prior to your first use. Complete cleaning and seasoning instructions are included with each unit! Each unit is 22" diameter and is 3.5mm thick. Again these are new, never used disc blades that have been sealed with vegetable oil to prevent rusting. These Discada will need to be seasoned similar to a cast iron pan before the first use and periodically thereafter. As your Discada seasons it will perform better. It is normal for your Discada to smoke while being used and it is recommended only for outdoor use. Cleanup after using with a non scratching scouring pad or salt and a dish cloth. Remove stubborn food by heating the Discada prior to cleaning or by pouring hot water over the stubborn stains. Use as little pressure as possible when cleaning your Discada to prevent scratching, the use of dish soap as with cast iron cookware is not recommended. Dry your Discada after each cleaning.

During use as with most items used to cook the handles will become hot and can cause burns, use hot pads or oven mitts to protect your hands from burns.

22" Cooking Disc Blade Discada High Heat Cooking Skillet, Disc BBQ, Cowboy Wok

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