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Caroni, Sicma, First Choice Blade Nut and Washer Kit

Blade mounting kit for Caroni, WAC, Sicma and First Choice Finish Cut Mowers. Fits all Sizes, replaces parts numbers 1219 & 1801, 34109018, 34026018 and more. Nut is a hard to find low profile style with a nylon locking feature; washer is serrated or ridged on both sides. These are OEM factory parts! Don't spend hours looking for the correct nuts and washers when you need to replace your worn units, we have them right here. This kit includes 3 of the nylock nuts and 3 of the serrated washers, enough to replace most 4', 5' and 6' mowers. Purchase two (2) kits for 91" finish mowers which require 5 nuts and washers. Disclaimer: Any and all Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) tradenames, trademarks, drawings, colors, descriptive information and part numbers are used for parts identification purposes only, and DN Equipment, LLC (DN) is in no way implying that any specific parts are OEM parts. Further, any use of the OEM's tradenames, trademarks, drawings or part numbers by DN is designed only to aid DN's customers, in obtaining the proper DN part or component which will replace the OEM's part.


  • Blade Mounting
  • Bolt/Nut
  • 1219/1801

Caroni, Sicma, First Choice Blade Nut and Washer Kit

SKU: 1219-1801-3



    The use of original equipment manufacturer's names, drawings and part numbers are used for identification purposes only, and Brooks Ag Parts is in no way implying that any of our products are original equipment parts.  All parts are guaranteed to meet with your approval! If you are unhappy with your purchase just return it to us and we will be happy to refund your purchase.

    Brooks AG Parts is in no way affiliated with any product manufacturers including John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Alamo Group and its subsidiary's, Darrell Harp / Big Bee, Kodiak, King Kutter, Tarter Gate, Woods, or any other manufacturer. The use of their part numbers and or drawings are only used to aide Brooks AG Parts customers  in finding the correct Brooks AG Parts replacement part. Brooks AG Parts in in no way implying any of its parts are purchased from any of these companies or their subsidiaries.

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